Sunday, May 27, 2007


I have been planning my budget. As I am hoping to have a loan and take over the ownership of my house sometime this week, I have been trying to figure out the whole real life thing called BILLS. Basically, as long as I find a second job, I can still eat and have gas for my car. Great! Right?

Here is where my priorities come into play. Good food (i.e. not ramen, pizza rolls, hamburger helper) or television. Or more importantly, an occassional glass of wine, nice dinner, and in general keeping up my food snob habits.

Currently, I am choosing food over television. If I can actually make enough money to include the tv...well then that will be a nice addition. But it isn't a necessity.

So Friday night I stayed in, made a pizza, and watched a movie. And I had a couple beers. If I had not been saving money, I would've had some spaggheti with meatballs, Chianti, and movie. But I opted for cheese, turkey pep. and banana peppers pizza with Miller Lite. I am so responsible! And really craving that Chianti.


Margie said...

I've been craving Saki Sushi since reading your recent blogs, YUMMY! I was in Philly this last week for work & thought of you. Food was delish and the presentations were great!

So, let me tell you more about the VERY lucrative compensation plan of XPower. It's the reason I posted here.
I'm not kidding, this can change your life. I wanted to be so bold as to say will, but there is the little thing called "freedom of choice".

It advertises it will cut your electricity by 25% and IT DOES! We actually saved more, which is apparently typical, but they dont't want to overstate the savings.

So, I get to feel good about saving the environment, cutting my electric bills, and making great money.

So, this relates back to food... on a scale of 1(caulifower) to 10 (ice cream) XPower is a hot fudge sundae! It exceeded my expectations.

hmmmm, maybe I'll post this on my blog. Not that it would matter, nobody reads it but me.
Call me or email me back & I'll tell ya more.

Margie said...

Hey there!