Friday, April 20, 2007

To know me, is to know I am a little crazy...

and be okay with it! Find it endearing! Think of it as a little bit of my magnetism. But also know that if you were inside my head, you'd probably get dizzy and fall down from all of the thoughts spinning.

Not that you want one, but here is a peek (I totally just interupted a smart student, working diligently on an assignment to ask her how to spell peek):

A coworker today asked me if I wanted Quiznos. He didn't have lunch and was actually going to go pick something up. In my head:
Well, I like their flatbread salads, but really the last couple times I have eaten one I have felt shafted. Like, burned by the salad. Like, the bacon isn't crispy, not as many greens as I would like, and just left wanting more. Maybe the salad wouldn't be a good choice. I would feel a little empty inside because I fell into the bad salad trap, yet again.

So I talked him into going elsewhere. Where I can get a loaded cobb salad and cup of creamy tomato soup.

Exeunt Flourish

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Cara said...

I have been there! I've declined lunch with coworkers, and I have pushed towards other places. I hate the "salad trap"... you try to be "good" but it ends up not tasting great and more calories and fat than you would have liked anyway.