Thursday, April 12, 2007

A scene from our dinner table:

The table is dark brown, and it seats four. Once a week, the table has 3 eaters. One plate for TJ, one for me, and one for Zach. You know which plate belongs to TJ, because there is nothing green on it. Zach's plate has green, usually onions, and an overwhelming amount of teriyaki sauce. My plate is perfect, of course. tee hee.

Last week we had barbecued pork loin, baked sweet potato fries, and sauteed onions (for the 'normal' people at the table).

The conversation that took place, wasn't so memorable. But the decision that we came to, at the end of the dinner, would leave a mark on the family for-e-ver.

While trying to decide what type of pudding to have for dessert, coconut cream or banana cream, we reached a problem. Nobody cared. Nobody would make a decision. So I had an idea. I took a piece of uneaten, fatty pork.

"Let's flip the fat, fatty side up is coconut, other side is banana." I said.

"Okay! Let's flip the fat!" Said the two boys in unison. Then they chanted, "Flip the fat, flip the fat!!" (okay not really, but if it a sitcom, they would've)

(added after TJ read the blog and reminded me of a bit of dialog I left out)
"Well why don't we just do what we normally do when we need to make a big family decision....honey flip the meat."

Fat flipped...."Coconut it is!"

And from now on, whenever we can't decide, we will flip the fat.

Man law.

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