Saturday, August 05, 2006


Dublin OHio is the location of the largest Irish Festival in the WORLD! Okay, I made that up. It may be true. I haven't seen it on the Food Channel yet, and if it were true, you'd think it would be featured on the bible of all food and festivals. (Sidenote: bible tv, all bible, all the time. Only programs are ACTING OUT the bible...interesting)

We attended the Irish Festival last night. Holy Hugeness Batman! I had no idea it was so large! And there is a food called "Bangers". What?! We did not try the banger. We had the old stand by Fish and Chips. While standing in line, I took these pictures:

This is Lisa and Jim. Lisa is the commentor that posted about people chasing her with peaches. Perhaps they want to shove those peaches in her pie hole. Is it shameless that I just laughed at that.

Then this is TJ; I clearly have drank/drunk/been drinking some Killians, but really, that face I am making just hides-no distracts from- the enormous pimple--singular? no pimples-- under my lip. As well as reminds me that I could never make someone kiss me by making that ridiculous lip pout.

Yes we had a grand old time. I will say that the "Token System" for buying beers is a SCAM! It bets on the fact that people will get just too sleepy to drink as many tokens as you buy and then you are left with useless tokens and no cash. I call "Shenanigans!"

And I will leave you with a tune..."Oh Danny boy. The pipes the pipes are calling. From glen to glen, and down the mountainside..." Who are the pipes? What do you put into these pipes so that you can shut them up? Because if they keep calling, Danny is going to leave, and he is just a boy, afterall!

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Cathy said...

Bangers is sausage. I tried them in England.