Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blogging Take 2

I have done this before. It was fairly therapeutic but turned into me bitching and wasn't that great for those I loved. I am trying again.

This summer I took a break from my marriage. There were many things good and bad about it, but the BEST thing about it was it showed me how much I love my husband. The method to discover this was not ideal. My motto now is From This Moment On. And we are working on becoming stronger. Learning from our mistakes. And of course we are in therapy! As my good friend Jess says, "Everyone should go to therapy." So all of you...GO!

I am afraid I missed the best reason to have a chronicle my 10 Year High School reunion. Poop. I am going to backtrack a wee in order to get some of that leftover angst out that remains after this event. It was so overwhelming. I talked to people I really should've just waved at. I waved at people that I probably should've spoken to. And I drank too fast, making me oh so sleepy with time to spare. There were requisite bald guys, fat guys, but really no chicks that got huge. Bummer. There was the one girl who came back looking AMAZING, and of course the guys that drooled shamelessly over her. But when she opened her mouth to speak, with my eyes closed, I would've still been able to pick out who it was. I think everyone, in true High School fashion, were all just a bit too self-conscious to actually enjoy ourselves. After 30 does that get better? I hope so!

Ah self esteem. It is not a young adult/teenager problem. I need me some attention, and hence the title of El Bloggo. My chef skeels gives me attention. And I can show love by making the kitchen a disaster area with the grease splatters on the backsplash, (a word whose meaning is RIGHT there staring you in the face!) chicken guts stuck to the sink, and flour in crevices that will never be dislodged. But damn it's good! So with this blog, I hope to share my food excursions, look into marriage, and hopefully, in a year or so, my attempts at trying to conceive. I will, however, never say, "We are trying tonight." Or "I am ovulating and my temps are..." I am putting it in writing so people may hold me to that. Or call me a hypocrite at some point in the future. But whatever.

So what is for dinner you ask? Ha! We are going to get sub sandwhiches at a little sub/pizza place and we are going to eat outside by a man-made body of water that occasionally has coffins float to the surface in it. Yum!

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