Friday, August 04, 2006

Oh No She Didn't

(Insert obnoxious head swerving and finger snapping)

I threatened to post pictures of my arms. Okay, here are pictures of one arm at a time. Don't pull punches...tell me the truth. But you may want to take into consideration my arm size before deciding if you want to punch. I mean, I'm freakishly strong, yo.

Before: At Texas vs. Ohio State game last September. The lovely hair twin is my sister in law.

After: This is a picture from the Reunion.

Now, they don't look bigger, right? They don't look much smaller, but I'll take that over BIGGER!

And finally, they aren't manly, right? Here is an androginous picture in a wife beater. Can you tell it is a girl arm and not a scary man one? It isn't a girl arm ONLY because of a lack of arm hair, right? Because honestly, in person, my arms are quite hairy. But that is another set of pictures all together. Oh, and I am SOOO flexing. Here is a free ticket to the GUN SHOW.


Anonymous said...

First of all, your arms don't look big in any picture posted here. Second of all, how can you even compare when in one picture you're also squeazing a purse on that same arm and in the other you're not? At least you don't see dimples on your arms and have to fear the people with the peaches (inside joke).

Jess said...

Cool blog so far. Not sure if I like being known as the therapy pusher, but if the shoe fits....
Maybe I should start one up to vent about my MANY ongoing issues.

Your arms are fine. You do look great and when TJ says something like that in the future just comment on his male anatomy- that will surely stop him in his tracks. I like any phrase that includes the word "saggy".

Also, on self-esteem and the need for attention. We all need to be validated as human beings (warning, more therapy lingo to follow). Self- esteem is not only based on life experiences, but there is new evidence that it can also be hereditary. So, face it, you're doomed.