Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lindey's German Village

I love their patio! The food was, well, eh. The wine was decent and decently priced, and the company was awesome.

Salad was normal. Although the champagne vinagrette seemed overly vinegar-y.

I had the sole special with lemon caper sauce. Sauce was excellent, sole was not my type of fish. Thin, flakey, and I think mine was undercooked with some mush. The other dinners seemed to have decent luck. Although the yellow fin tuna was over cooked, but it was a Special also, so perhaps they weren't 'used to' it?? I don't know! I feel bad because DAMN I love the patio!

Tiramisu was not good. I love a good soaked tiramisu where you can get a coffee buzz from the soaked lady finger layer. No real coffee taste at all. And you know how has awesome tiramisu? Whole Foods!

I didn't have to pay for the dinner because it was actually part of a research study. So I can't complain too much. My four friends and I met with three people from Proctor and Gamble to speak of hair products. It was hilarious, as we talked about everything, with a little hair thrown in. Thankfully none in the food.

I am whipped after a whole DAY of school. I don't feel like my blog is humorous today, so I am stopping.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy! I like your blog and the fact that you like to love people by cooking for them. Check out to learn about a company built around that concept. I'd love to get your opinion on it.

Cathy said...

Skip Homemade Gourmet. They have a few good (not great) things but most of the stuff is much cheeper if you just do it yourself.

I get hungry everytime I read your blog. Not that it's hard to do that. I wish the places you talk about were closer to me.