Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Marcella, I love you.

I took pictures!! How do I get the little fuckers off of my cell phone? I figure it out. They'll come soon!

Marcellas sits on High Street, in the short north with parking being my only complaint. There is a long bar along the right side of the establishment, and lacking a patio, it has a large window wall that opens up. You cannot sit outside, but you can definitely sit and hear the traffic whiz by and feel the breeze.

I am going to just list out all I love. Because I loved a lot.
1. the napkins are dish towells...the white with green stripe down the middle.
2. the placemats are maps of Italy.
3. there is a stack of appetizer plates in the middle of the table, all mismatching, just like the silverware
4. the wines come out in carafes: one glass, half bottle, and full bottle carafes
5. there are small cold plates, small hot plates, 6 cheeses and a list of meats.
6. pasta dishes that would please my father who wants to go to an Italian place and get PASTA. not ravioli, not tortellini, but spaggheti.
7. the cheeses came with TRUFFLED HONEY. This stuff was amazing!
8. the servers wear jeans and white shirts that have things on the back like "Sprinkle some parmesan on me." "EVOO" "Everybody loves an Italian Girl". And one guy had on a white snapped shirt with TEX on the chest. Yes, he was from San Antonio...because as he walked by, in true Kristy style, I read aloud what his shirt said and he turned around. Of course.
9. water did not have ice.

So our dinner was:
three cheeses: goat, buffalo mozarella, and one that starts with T that I don't remember. (started with a glass of prosecco)
fried risotto balls: these had a surprise of cheese in the middle, came with marinara to dip in. (shared a half bottle of Nebbiolo)
shrimp pesto pizza: with goat cheese and roasted tomato...good!

No dessert. But they looked interesting!

This place was busy! And it was a Tuesday. Get there at 6 and you'll get a table. But you won't get to sit by the windows. There were people lined up outside when I left at 7:45. I plan on going, oh, once a week. And if I go with my friend that I went with last night, we may get as good of a deal on the bill everytime.


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pilotswife said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Tellagio. Can't wait to go again. I want to try that darn meatball. I heard it was good!

Trisha said...

TAG! You're it! ;) One of the WC/WFD Nesties started this little game ;) The details are in my blog: if you'd like to join us!
Have fun :)

Lisa0007 said...

What were the prices like?