Friday, September 01, 2006

Lisa made new friends last night. She commented on the age of a couple sitting across the wine tasting table from her, and then to make it okay, mentioned her cellulite. Cellulite, apparently, quite ironically, can easily smooth over the uncomfortable comments on age.

In a profession of elders, I've made the comment, "You are older than my dad." And then my department chair looked menacingly at me, realizing if he found me cute it could be construed as creepy.

After tasting 8 different wines, the cellulite comment ensued, and lead eventually to a piciture of her ass. Now my camera, if you recall, is broken. This photo was taken with a verizon cell phone (I now have their phone number btw and the man's name is George), emailed to Lisa, and then emailed to me. Of course it is now here.

How was the wine tasting at Spagio? Well, after tasting 8 wines and just a little food, Lisa was willing to bend over and have a picture of her supposed cellulite taken. What do you think??


Cathy said...

Patrick says, "Sounds like a wine drinking."

Anonymous said...

Lisa is all about the cellulite to lighten up a situation