Friday, September 15, 2006

Don't fret my pet!

Oh my avid blog readers. I wasn't so much sad as I was Writing Blocked.

I guess for a while I was on such a writing high, with people reading and telling me I was witty and what not. But then I didn't feel so witty anymore. And felt like I was just complaining all the time. I fear what you all would think when I was feeling really sad. I shudder at the thought like the hyenas shuddered when Moustafa's name was mentioned in The Lion King.

So onward and upward, right? I had a rip roaring time at BW3s last night. I also discovered that Boneless Wild Wings makes me very thirsty. Like wake up in the middle of the night thirsty after just having a dream about drinking mass quantities of water thirsty. And then TJ is all, "Are you okay?" as I am stooping eeirily at the end of the bed searching through my gym bag where I hoard free bottled water from the gym.

Yes, I have a Water Membership, not a Gym membership. I belong because they provide bottled water for members, and I can take one with me on the way home for later. So really, I pay for water and can work-out for free, baby!

Off topic, sorry. We played trivia with Brian and Barb, lovely friends of ours, and I learned:
not sure what useless facts I learned

Wild Wings make me thirsty?

I'll leave you with a haiku:

Peeing while drinking
Does feel oddly connected
I dare you to try

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Lisa0007 said...

Thanks for inviting me to play!!!