Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bison Balls for Everyone!

First, there is a new webpage called Bake Space. It is like MySpace but for people who cook. It is quite cool, quite new, so get on it! My name or profile or whatever on there is Kristylynn (so unique). If you want me to be a Kitchen Helper, you can add me, just like MySpace.

I included on my Bake Space page the recipe for Bison Meatballs. I made these Tuesday night and they rocked! One thing I normally do not care for in meatballs is that gritty dryness they can get. I use milk soaked bread in leiu of breadcrumbs, and it really keeps the meatball moist. Note: I HATE the word moist, so if I use it, you know it must be for damn good reason.

A good meatball has: garlic, parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs or my tricky milk soaked bread, parsley, egg, and any other special herb you may like. I had some basil around, so I chopped that up. I also had a little bit of Bob Evans Hot Sausage, so I put that in with the ground buffalo meat. Good meatball rollers (you know, the people that are good at handling and rolling the balls without over working, making them too small or big, making them too oily) will mix the meatball 'slop' with their hands so that it gets mixed evenly. We also know that it takes a little olive oil on your hand so that the meat rolls and sticks to itself, and not to your hands.
Note: the funniest part of the parenthetical innuendo is my mother in law reads this. Hi!

My point in having no recipe here is that, like me, you can just have a basic understanding of what a meatball generally IS, and then run with it! I had 1.25 lbs buffalo and added maybe an ounce or so of sausage, one egg and tossed in some of the other stuff and it made 15 meatballs the size of golf balls. Perfect for two people and then leftovers.

And because you read my blog, you get the little secret that makes my meatballs so extra great: fresh mozzarella stuffed in the middle. It is a nice creamy goo center. Mmmm, warm creamy goo. (Austin Powers fans: "Warm liquid goo phase")

What was the gum with the goo in the middle? I think there was even a Dr. Pepper flavored goo.

And I'm spent.


Anonymous said...

Heehee! With the word "balls" in your title, you got my attention! So what do you have against the word "moist?"

aka guccigirl99 on the nest

Kristy said...

I think moist and I hear noises that are so unappealing. Like shoes being stuck in muck...that suction like noise. Or that gross sound of overly saliva filled kissing.

Anonymous said...

you are a funny girl...


Anonymous said...

Chewels (sp?) was the gum with the goo in the middle! My grandma had it all the time!