Monday, December 03, 2007

Slippery Slope to 30

Last year I learned about something called the "Golden Birthday". It was quite fortuitous, as it came shortly before the year that IS my Golden Birthday. It is the year where your birthDAY is the same as your age. As all who know me know, 529 takes on mythical meaning with me. It is the time my alarm clock goes off everyday. If an item's total at the checkout is 5.29, it is fate that I purchase it. The last purchase that happened this way: A map purchased at BP on the road to North Canton on Thanksgiving Eve (have you SEEN the traffic on 71 at the holidays??).

On Thursday, November 29th, I celebrated my HALF birthday. Some may find it comical that I even KNOW when my half birthday is. My students don't find it funny, as on their half birthday they can legally get their temporary permit to drive. They certainly are aware of their half birthday.

Truth be told, I used the half birthday as an excuse to open a bottle of wine that I would otherwise never purchase and certainly never drink ALONE. It was a Barolo. It was almost $30. And I drank it with a frozen thin crust pizza that I doctored up with homemade meatballs (transported BACK from North Canton) and banana peppers.

See that wine glass? It exists no more. I shattered it walking from the living room to the kitchen, running into one of those dining room chairs in the dark, after I fell asleep on my new sofa. (FELL ASLEEP, not passed out...I swear!)


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! On a fairly unrelated note, I'm wondering if you know any good sites that have ideas or pictures of ytable displays for cocktail parties? I have a big party every year where I go all-out with the hors d'oevres, and I'd like to kick up the display several notches. I've got the levels going, but am looking for some innovative ideas on presentation. Any suggestions will be appreciated ... and I'll be happy to share a recipe in exchange for your kindness! Thanks!

pilotswife said...

You are too funny! The wine sounds good.