Monday, March 05, 2007

Hunan House Review

Once upon a time, in a Kohls with poor cell reception, I made a reservation for the Hunan House. It was a Valentine's Day afternoon. We adamently oppose such manmade love days, but decided we still wanted to EAT that night.

Upon arriving at Hunan House, it was, of course, very crowded. And the stern faced host proclaimed that he had no reservation in the book. So we waited. And waited. And left. Angered. I wrote up a long letter, which was never sent. And for the next three years we boycotted the HH. Hunan Hell. Horrible House. Hunan Heinous. Hwasted Htime.

Now three years later, and a whole relationship makeover under our belts, we decided to give it a second try.

We ate:
Sesame Noodles
Beef Satay
Won Ton Soup
Spicy Triple, featuring shrimp, beef, and chicken.

The sesame noodles were spicy! Loved them. They were not listed as "for two", but the server promptly separated them into two large servings. We then split four skewers of satay. I am interested to do these at home, but perhaps just going back to HH for them is easier. The won ton soup could be the best in town! It had at least 3 large shrimps, strips of white meat chicken, 2 or more full fledged dumplings with substantial filling, and cabbage! It is listed as "For Two" and it was so filling! We subsequently had little room for a dinner. So we split the Triple. It too was actually spicy. I seldom have an asian, szechuan, meal that actually feels spicy to me. But HH totally came through here.

In the future, I really want Coconut Ice Cream as dessert, but we'd have to cut back on the food. The food is too good to cut back!

And there is booze on site. They have the funny boat drink menu, with the big flaming drinks, and a Zombie drink. The Zombie drink says, "limit 1". The hubby thinks it is a joke. I believed the menu. So if you would, go and see if they only let you have one. I am really curious!

Location: 161, west of Cleveland Avenue. Definitely go.

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Anonymous said...

Of course I will volunteer to try The Zombie. I'll let you know for sure!