Monday, February 12, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me: Or, I Am Only Doing This So People READ My Blog!

Weird Thing Number 1:

I know the entire dance number at the beginning of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. This occured because I did not have cable or an antenna one WHOLE summer in college.

Weird Thing Number 2:

I love working out while watching the Food Network. Especially Tyler, Michael Chiarello, or Giada Big-Head de Laurentis. Strike that, I don't LOVE working out, but I can tolerate it while watching people make food that will refuel the calories I just burned.

Weird Thing Number 3:

On my list of reasons to have children with my husband, the top two are: 1. To see if they are cute. 2. To see if they can sing.

Weird Thing Number 4:

I stopped eating meat for SIX years basically so I had a good excuse to eat a lot of pasta, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Oh I know there are meat products in stuffing. I didn't say I did it to save the animals!

Weird Thing Number 5:

I love Taco Bell Nachos Bell Grande, will buy it while driving, eat it before I get home, and hide the evidence. Luckily, there isn't one NEAR my house, so this does not happen too often. However, TJ has a nose for onions and can smell those pesky green onions the moment I enter the door.

Weird Thing Number 6:

I teach World Literature and TOTALLY got a D in British Literature. AND I have been picked to go to London with students for school. I get to go for FREE! I got a D people!!

Weird Thing Number 7, in case one of those was more a confession than weird:

My hands are freakishly small, and I ROCK at Thumb Wrestling.

This is called a meme. I do not know what that means. It is like a blog chain letter of sorts. So, people reading who do not have blogs, just post your weirdnesses in the comments section. Please?


Amy H. said...

you make me laugh. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm sure there are way more than 6 weird things about me...but here are a couple...most of which you probably already know

1) I love cooking...but not necessarily eating--and mainly cooking for other people. Not a big fan of making dinner for two people.
2) I have a weird fascination with all men over the age or 40 (or at least that look older)..Pat Riley, Lindsay Buckingham--anyone?
3) I can recite all of the presidents in order...thanks to useless quizzes in American History class
4) I got an A in Brit Lit...and have a degree in Nutrition...and am a Financial Analyst. Someone please find the common thread?
5) Last but not least--John Savage is HOT...and if you feed me enough Captain Morgans I will prove it to you by making you watch all of Hair--while I sing to it...all!

Meg said...

Taco Bell? EW!!!

guccigirl99/Sara said...

Here are some weird things about me:
1. I am prone to random, senseless acts of dancing. Luckilly, I have rhythm and about 20 years of dance classes under my belt, so it's not too horrifically painful for innocent onlookers!
2. I absolutely CANNOT have items on my plate touching each other. For some reason, it totally skeeves me out!
3. Along those lines, I eat my food one item at a time. I am also compelled to sort out my food, so if I'm eating, say, M&M's, I have to sort them out by color or it toally freaks me out.
4. I am weirdly superstitious.
5. I do believe in spirits communicating with us.
6. I LOVE to buy shoes, but I hate to wear them!
7. I love really bad movies on TV!

Lisa0007 said...

Hmmm...I think we'd be here forever so I'm just picking out a few things. Otherwise, you might think I'm even weirder then I let on.

1) there are several words people mispronounce or misuse that immediately cuts their perceived intelligence to zero. please note: I've spelled the words the way people say them and not how they're supposed to be spelled. See if you can figure them out.
a)expresso (the only thing fast about espresso is your heart rate after consuming it, have you ever waited for one of these things at Starbucks?!!! Not fast.)
b)supposably (if you don't get this one, I'm not saying anything more)
c)pacifically (I actually had a manager in marketing above me who used to use this all of the time to make arguments against my point. Who sounded stupid here?)
d)expecially (right up there with expresso)
e)ec cetera (it's et cetera! it means and so on in french)
f)astrix (read this and pronounce again, asterisk, note the order of the sounds)

2)Brace yourself. When I get a glass out of the cupboard, I blow in it to get out any possible dust. The clincher, we store our glasses upside down so from where is the dust coming? Maybe my brain for not using it very much.

3)I'm with guccigirl, I don't like things touching on my plate. The person who invented the disposable plates with separate compartments is a genius.

4)I hate shaking hands with people during the "peace" part of the catholic mass. Those people cough all during the homily and then I'm expected to touch them and wish them peace? No wonder everyone is always sick.

I'm going to stop here, because it gets weirder.