Thursday, February 01, 2007

Increasing Readership

If I really want people to read my blog, I should probably post more than once a week or so. I would. I totally would! If I knew people gave a poo. I have two avid readers. Love you guys. Word to your mothers.

My latest blog topic idea is what foods do you ignore? I mean, if you see a recipe, judge it by the title, look at the ingredients, what is a trigger ingredient that makes you go, "nope! not for me!" ??

My Top Four (I can't think of five!):
1. Velveeta
I don't want it in my house. I don't want to be seen with it at the checkout counter. I don't want to be tempted by its creamy fake goodness. Yes, I like a good Mexican cheese dip, a la my sister in law's which has sausage in it. YUM!! Problem: I could eat it all. WIth a spoon. By itself.

I recently saw a recipe for Cheeseburger Soup. Cheeseburger, good. Soup, good. I bet this would be for me! Ingredient Numero Dos: Velveeta. Calmly I set the recipe down. And walked away. Shaking my head.

2. Yeast
It doesn't like me. I apparently live in a Yeast Free Zone, where yeast (yeasts, yeasti, plural??) are rendered inactive. Bread does not rise. Pizza doughs taste like Saltine crackers. I stay away.

3. Olives
Love all mediteranean foods, but olives don't do it for me. So tapenades, olive martinis, olives in layered dips do not occur in my kitchen.

4. Chicken Thighs or recipes requiring various chicken parts.
I am Chicken Racist. White meat all the way. Dark meat and meat that gets too close to a bone or ligament gives me the willies. When you swore off chicken for 6 whole years, you tend to still have your standards.

So take a risk. Hit reply or post a comment, whatever it says down there. And reply with your own personal banned ingredients.


Lisa0007 said...

I agree 1000%, if that's even possible, on the velveeta. I do, however, own the fake American cheese slices at home, but only to please my husband. My healthy hand, which I like to put in everything I make, reaches for the 2% milk variety making me feel better about him consuming something they call cheese but is rather some kind of oil mixed with orange food coloring. Gross! I don't even like it in dips, because those dips get really hard and cold fast. Yuck.

Other items I shy away from:

lamb - hate it, don't want anything to do with this.

coconut - I'm a texture freak, so you can see why I like the flavor a la pina coladas but want to set fire to every German chocolate cake I ever see...oh, and to those gross little snowballs they try to trick you with by coloring them pink. For those of you unaware, that's coconut!

hot dogs - They're not really dogs, which I wouldn't eat anyway. They are usually hot, but that's because they came from the burning rear end of a pig who eats heartily and probably spicy food. I know this isn't really an ingredient, but when my husband makes mac n cheese, it is.

carrots on a salad or in a salad - don't ask, it's another texture thing.

meals in a box - you've seen these. Kraft dinners in a box in the mac n cheese aisle that consists of a canned cream soup coupled with stuffing and a "spice packet" that you add to a pan of chicken and bake. What the heck is that? If my grandmother had ever combined all of the ingredients of a Thanksgiving dinner into a casserole and put it on the table with that "bon appetit" smile, I would have picked it up and thrown it through the window. When Jim and I were first dating, he made a variety of this boxed dinner that included chunky beef soup that you pour into a pan and top with pop tube biscuits...and voila, dinner in a pan. The sickest invention yet.

spam - no need to elaborate.

raw onions - can you say, "don't breathe on me, please?"

I'm sure there are more, but for now those come to mind first.

Sara/guccigirl said...

Hey Christy-

Does this entry classify as a shout-out on your blog? I'm so honored! Smooches!!!

I'm with you on the olives thing. Ewwwwwwwwwwww! Ick! To me, they're like cryptonite!

What else do I shy away from?

Breaded meat totally gives me the willies, so, unfortunately for my children, there are no chicken fingers or fish sticks in their future.

Spam. Seriously, what is it?

Boxed meals also annoy me. Maybe it's because I, too, work a full time job and have kids and I can still manage to throw together a meal that does not come from a box.

Biscuits and gravy. Oh. Dear. God! Vomit on a plate! Yummmmmmmmmm!

Anything involving large globs of peanut butter. I know it's a strange thing to be creeped out by, but the sight and the smell make me gag, which is weird because I love peanut butter, but only in small doses.

I know you guys find Velveeta, etc revolving, but I've gotta say that sometimes ya just gotta have that pasteurized processed cheesy goodness! I love velveeta and grew up on it as well as "American cheese" slices (then again, I also grew up on Tang. Go figure!), so I can't imagine not having it in the house. Plus, velveeta makes fantastic cheese sauce, which is essential for any parent trying to get a kid to eat vegetables. How badly would you flame me if I also own up to the fact that I love cheese in a can/spray cheese? :)

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely wiht you on the velveeta. Also all processed cheese'food'. Most of the other things I ignore are because of the other people in my family... like vegetables - my husband doesn'e eat them. So all meals are meat seperate from veg. Very tiresome.

Packaged 'snackables' for the kids - they beg I don't get them.

Miracle whip - why when I can have real mayonaisse

Cool whip - edible oil ewww...

Those are my food prejudices...

PS I like your blog , I just found it...


Margie said...

Coconut: It's the texture mostly, but I don't want it on or in anything... not even a pina colada. Love chocolate, hate Mounds. In fact, I would rather not smell it in tanning oils.