Sunday, January 27, 2008

Open Pit Duck

The euphoria of Spagio Cellars and dining surrounded by thousands of wine bottles could not mask the fact that the Smoked Duck Pizza might as well be smoked, pulled pork on a crust featuring asian barbecue sauce.

It is with great sadness that I type that sentence; although, the writer in me is quite impressed with the word choice and voice. It also is with a humbleness that can only be understood by other foodies who must admit that they were wrong; they ordered the wrong thing. In the world of competive menu orderers, this is difficult. You know who you are. You look at every aspect of the menu. You curiously wonder what the other people are getting; so that in the end, your order is the looked at with longing gazes. And you know that feeling of satisfaction, that little chair dance that your ass cheeks do, as you take a bite of the perfect choice. And with every triumphant feeling, of course the feeling of defeat is equally emotion causing. The lament is shocking.

As I was saying, a wine store with a menu, servers, and the ability to just walk up to shelves and coolers and pull something out and drink it at a table, is a delight! With a $5 corkage fee, a normally 55 dollar bottle of wine can be had for 25. And the cheese plate accompaniments and drool-provoking dessert case makes it easy to overlook the Smoked Duck Pizza and how uninspiring it was. If a meat is smoked, I suppose it doesn't matter what it was before the 'smoking'. And so it is foolish to eat the duck, if it will just taste like pork. And thus the title, Open Pit Duck. sigh.

But of course I recommend Spagio Cellars! Just don't get the duck pizza, no matter what other bloggers may gush about it.


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i just read 1000 Splendid Suns and liked it better than the Kite Runner. How come you stopped writing?