Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Caffeine and the Blog

Wow Monday's post sucked! Call that a result of too many things bouncing around in my head, along with about 3 cups of coffee. And I had 2 extra hours at home due to FOG! Yes, scary scary fog.

For Clarity:
If you didn't follow the link, my sudden comment about Feminism causing obesity probably sounded insane! The previous blog mentioned, and I think even SHE was quoting someone else, women working is making it harder for families to eat healthy because they aren't at home cooking healthy meals (icky word icky word!). Honestly, grilling some chicken, steaming some vegetables, baking a potato would be considerably easier than the concoctions I put together! And weren't stay at home moms the ORIGINATORS of the meatloaf and casserole? Super healthy there! So no. I don't think working moms/women causes obesity.

My food allergies do not stop me from eating those things! I just don't eat a lot of them. And I don't eat them on a completely empty stomach. I had a Dairy Queen Blizzard for dinner once (so many things wrong with that statement!) and I felt like a huge pile of crap! Damn Dairy. I had a whole meal (icky word icky word!) of seafood, including tuna, lobster bisque, fish, calamari, and awoke in wicked cold sweats.

Progress Report: I had cereal for dinner last night. NOT following the elimation diet there! But it was the only wheat I ate all day! And it was within my calorie counting, which I am using for that task.
For example, today's lunch of vegetable soup with a whole wheat tortilla with hummus and feta cheese in the middle, along with a yogurt is 346 calories.

If I was home right now, I'd make an egg beater omelete and an english muffin. Instead, apple and peanut butter. Sigh.

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Meg's Adventures in the Kitchen said...

Be careful! My sister is allergic to wheat (and dairy and nuts and fruit) so I am familiar with these allergies and a wheat allergy (if you have one) can be VERY serious... anaphylactic shock serious... just saying! :)

*takes off mom hat*