Saturday, August 04, 2007

Funkity funk funk funky

I am in a cooking funk and I blame the heat. Isn't that what we blame EVERYTHING on in August? "I don't want to workout; it is just too hot!" or "Yardwork? Too hot!" or "Grocery store? My leather seats are too hot!" This is how I know I am in a funk. I don't even want to go to the grocery store!

And the fact that my last dinner seemed like a failure. And I am just not in the mood to get back on the horse. Or bike. It was just an ugly meal. It tasted great but was not attractive. I hate that.

So today I made something that I blogged about early in my career. It is what I call the Goddess Omelet. I actually made the pesto for it last night at about 11pm, because I just felt like making something. Eventhough, I didn't eat it last night.

I am just a whole mish mash of topics today. And I think I'll just type as they come to me. It will be an adventure.

I have been eating a lot of tomatoes. It seems all I am really in the mood for.

Yellow curry stains your carpet. It is now known as simply "The Devil". I dropped the smallest of yellow curry coated beef on the floor beneath my dining table. It rolled a good 3 feet and left little yellow tracks the whole way.
Now that I think about "yellow curry" even what it would be called? Maybe there was Turmeric in the dish. Hmm...whatever. It is just called The Devil, whatever it is. (again, I didn't cook. So I didn't make it!)

Blockbuster is playing a dirty trick on me and not letting me send the movie Hannibal back to them. This movie is TERRIBLE! And it is forever stuck in my house because they won't send me a replacement envelope for it and all of its crappiness.

Ding Dong the Bees are Dead.

I think tomorrow I will make braciole. This means I have to go to the store...but I will just go tomorrow.


I say that now, but in three weeks I'll be all longing for the ennui!
(as in boredom)

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