Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Croque can make diaper talk worthwhile.

Have you ever eaten something so good that for the rest of the day you didn't want to put anything else in your mouth because you just wanted to SAVOR that flavor, texture, experience? It happened to me. Today. At BRUNCH.

Yes, I had Brunch (capital B) with some good girlie friends. It was at the original Lindey's and so urban. Picture the cute little NYC breakfast place that Jack Nicholson visits everyday in the film As Good As It Gets. You know, the one where he says, "There's Jews sitting at my table." And one of the accosted Jews is the actress who is now the head of the hospital on House, but I digress.

Well as I listened to my friends speak of their new babies, upcoming nanny interviews, upcoming babies (in like two weeks), and upcoming gallery openings, I felt like an adult and awfully shmancy. I didn't have as much to contribute, except for my dorky students who are taking over an online discussion forum that I started for them...and boy are they DORKS! Discussing the upcoming Eragon movie and new Nintendo Wiii.

So, I just sat back and enjoyed the ambiance, and then came my brunch. I ordered the Croque Madam and oh. my. God. I didn't have to hear anything else about disposable or cloth diapers and then cringe at the idea of WASHING diapers. You know. DiRtY diapers! (perhaps when I can focus on the money saved and not the poop, I'll be ready for a kid) I was all sated and just bathing in the richness of the Croque. (pronounced Croak, I think. Hopefully not Crock). It was a brioche, soaked in egg and cream, with ham and gruyere cheese. Topped then with a fried egg and then again with hollandaise. Did I say oh my God?? Because that is about all I can say to explain.

So moral: Lindeys...good croque madam. And I have a tiramisu in the fridge waiting for me later.

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Lisa0007 said...

Yum, sounds super delicious. I'm a little offended that I'm not on your list of close girlie friends...where was my invite?!!! Anyway, yes pronounciation is correct as I consider myself a specialist in the pronounciation of french words. It sounds spectacular and hope I can enjoy it with you sometime. Seriously, I was kidding about the girlie thing, I had plans anyway.