Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Answer: Pizza Places Located at the Entrance of a Trailer Park.

Question: Where you should NOT buy pizza dough? (this is an homage to my Jeopardy love, as well as a shout out to my Father-In-Law)

I strolled into this pizza place called Lilman's. It is on the way home and they were kind enough to give me some ranch dipping sauce one other time when I was mildly unprepared for the dinner plans.

Now to me, Lilman's should be a Hebrew Bagel place, not a pizza joint. But this is Delaware Ohio people, and ethnic consistency flies out the window (mostly because the windows are covered with a garbage bag and duct tape).

At any rate, after the chica behind the bar had to ask the manager in the back, she giggles and brings out some pizza dough. It was only 3 dollars...but it was dry and kinda crappy, and ended up a little brick like. I think with pizza sauce et al it would have been fine...but I just wanted some garlicky cheeseness to accompany the Wedding Soup.

In the future, I'll try my luck with the yeast packets. But the idea that there is something alive in there just wigs me out.

Tonight a more normal plan: Syrian Rice and Lemon Chicken. I'm craving Pine Nuts.


guccigirl99 said...

Hey Kristy:

Speaking of pizza, there's a place in Marion you really must try! I can't think of the exact name of the place, but their claim to fame is a BLT pizza. The dough is excellent and it's folded over to contain the bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayo. It'll make you gain 5 pounds, but it's soooo worth it!

Brooke said...

How did you prepare the dough? I used to work at a pizza place in high school and most of the dough is crappy looking (crusty and kinda hard). You really have to beat the hell out of it and fling it in the air (like all good pizza places should do) for it to turn out well. Where is the place you got the dough from? It sounds familiar......

Kristy said...

I worked at a pizza place in college. So I mooshed it pretty good. And it was so hard that I couldn't actually get my hand into it to try and do the a la pizza place tossing. So I squeezed it to get it to spread out and let gravity pull it down.

I was perhaps a bit too cruel on the Delaware thing...but at the entrance to this trailer park (southern Del.), it is 100% accurate.